The introduction of Cogniom’s TANDM Suite to the landscape allows facilities to efficiently measure before and after metrics of an implementation, determine pain points for nurses and other end users, and create research projects for future development. Now, with this digital toolset, these measurements can be achieved in real time, with data automatically populating in a secure dashboard enabling users to present data however they require.

Cogniom designed the TANDM Suite with the user in mind.

The TANDM Suite is a software toolset that allows benefit realisation metrics to be measured digitally.  Using secure online dashboards and research software, study results are uploaded in real time, with data automatically populated into easy to read graphs that can easily be manipulated to suit the needs of the user.

Benefits Realisation.
Continuous Improvement.
Established Baselines.
Technology Rollouts.
KPI Measurement.
Audits and Accreditation.
Facility Comparison.

With the TANDM Suite,
metric studies are no longer a costly or laborious exercise,
continuous improvement plans can be effectively executed, and benefit realisation results will be easily visualised.


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