Allowing medical facilities to continue to be innovative while ultimately helping nurses get back to one on one patient care

Time and Motion

Obtain valuable insights on your operations with our unique Time and Motion tools.  We can perform specialised studies for you or you can record observations yourself through the use of our apps. 

Medical Industry Specialists

With years of experience withMedical record administration system and working closely with the Medical industry, we are specialists in the analysis of Medical specific Time and Motion data.  We can look for custom data points in observations.  Get in touch with us to find out more.

Data Visualisation

We can provide customised views into your data and relationships.  Report on any aspect of the observed data so that you can drill down to assist in decision making.

Time and Motion Studies

Valuable Insights

Obtain insights into your operations, and see whats really going on.

Cogniom specialises in Time and Motion studies for the medical industry.  The combination of our purpose built apps and dashboards allow our researchers to accurately record observations in real time, and instantly report back that information on your own data dashboard.

  • Real time observations
  • Customised Dashboards
  • Specialised observations
  • Experience Researchers
  • Instant results
  • Before and After results

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Accurate Medications

Advance nursing workflow and accuracy, reduce documentation times, more effective messaging

Developed exclusively with nurses in mind, the FHIR compatible app has everything needed to accurately dispense, administer, and document medications on the electronic medical record.  Quick and agile design with reliable results give nurses the freedom to focus on caring for patients while minimizing medication errors, simplifying documentation and making communication more effective.

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