Allowing medical facilities to continue to be innovative while ultimately helping nurses get back to one on one patient care

making time and motion digital

Identifying problems in the workplace is difficult enough, so why are we forced to use outdated, paper-based time and motion study methods?

Cogniom’s TANDM Suite is a continuous quality improvement toolset specifically designed to help medical facilities.  Trialed at a large hospital in Victoria, TANDM creates easy Time and Motion studies and reports that can be performed and generated easily.

With TANDM, medical facilities can:

  • find the root cause of problems affecting their environments
  • discover new innovation possibilities
  • improve quality systems
  • measure the impacts of new technologies with real-time data updates

Currently, the TANDM Suite offers organizations support with several major projects including:

  • Taking snapshots before and after new digital solutions and electronic medical record go-lives to measure their impacts.
  • Tracking adoption rates to new policies and directives.
  • Proving standards are met for auditors and accreditation agencies.

TANDM studies also provide a structured approach to discovering new improvements while calculating total costs savings in time and effort. Identify which issues are the most time critical and help demonstrate the benefits of continuous improvements.  To find out more, simply contact us below to schedule a meeting.

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