The TANDM Suite is a software toolset that digitises time and motion studies.  It assists in bridging the communication gap between nursing staff and medical facility management teams, by using data to provide a greater understanding of the daily needs and functionality of a ward.

Providing the opportunity for continuous quality improvement, it enables nurses and healthcare management teams to identify the root cause of problems affecting their environments, discover innovative possibilities, improve quality systems, and create monitoring systems to measure impacts of decisions with real-time data updates.


Currently, the TANDM Suite offers organizations support with major projects including:

  • Taking snapshots before and after new digital solutions and electronic medical record go-lives to measure the benefit realisations.
  • Tracking adoption rates to new policies and directives.
  • Proving standards are met for auditors and accreditation agencies.
  • Ensuring quality assurance for day to day procedures.

Users log in to a secure dashboard and create a study to suit their needs.

They are able to watch data feed into the online dashboard in real time, where it is presented in easy to read graphs with the added ability for the user to later select additional data analysis and graphic presentation options.

Insights and data are automatically generated, clearly outlining the data set findings, insights, and areas to investigate further.  The final report makes recommendations for improvements, while a dashboard of metrics is continuously updated from repeated studies to help monitor the implementation of new solutions. 

This highlights the improvement project implementations positive return on investment and can be presented to quality improvement agencies for accreditation and future funding.


Often, time and motion studies are costly to perform and time consuming to manage.  Current paper-based methods have not crossed into the digital realm.

 Until now.

From releasing more time for patient care, creating better technologies to aid healthcare workers, and performing continuous process improvements in hospitals, TANDM provides the solution to help you achieve your goal. 


Cogniom is improving the way healthcare is delivered,
while empowering the healthcare industry to work in TANDM, together.

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